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Collection Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress

1936 to 1941


  1. 1936

    Awarded Guggenheim fellowship, March

    Travels in Jamaica and Haiti

    Portrait of Zora Neale Hurston. Carl Van Vechten, photographer. April 3, 1938. From the Prints and Photographs Division. Reproduction #: LC-USZ62-79898 DLC
  2. September 1937

    Publishes Their Eyes Were Watching God, written in seven weeks the previous December

  3. 1938

    Joins Federal Writers' Project (WPA), collecting Florida folklore

    Spring: Comes to Washington, D.C.

    Starts field work with anthropologist Jane Belo

  4. October 1938

    Publishes Tell My Horse

    Zora Neale Hurston smoking, Cross City turpentine camp, ca. 1939. Photograph by Stetson Kennedy, Stetson Kennedy Papers, reproduced with permission. Digital restoration by Ivy Bigbee.
  5. 1939

    Travels to Orlando for a production, to Cincinnati for radio series, to Durham to teach at North Carolina College for Negroes

    Collects Florida folk songs for Library of Congress and WPA

    Brief marriage to Albert Price III, Jacksonville

    Meets with Paul Green and Carolina Players

  6. November 1939

    Moses, Man of the Mountain published

  7. November 1939

    Moses, Man of the Mountain published

  8. 1940

    Goes to Beaufort, South Carolina, to work on a Jane Belo research project

    Returns to New York City

  9. 1941

    Moves to Los Angeles and serves as consultant at Paramount Pictures