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Collection Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress

1942 to 1948


  1. 1942

    Lecture tours

    Moves to St. Augustine

    Collects Florida and Seminole folklore

    November: Publishes autobiography Dust Tracks On a Road

  2. 1943

    Lives in Daytona Beach

    Autobiography receives Anisfield-Wolf award for best book in race relations and Howard University's Distinguished Alumni Award

    November: Divorce from Price final

  3. 1944

    January: Marries James Howell Pitts of Cleveland,

    October: Divorces James Howell Pitts

    December:Collaborates in New York with Dorothy Waring on musical comedy script, Polk County, registered for copyright

  4. 1945

    Plans for a trip to Honduras

    Return of stomach ailments

  5. 1946

    Research trip on a shrimping boat

    In New York works to oppose congressional campaign of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

  6. 1947

    Research and writing in Honduras

  7. 1948

    Returning to New York, is falsely accused of molesting a young boy, suffering bad publicity in the Black press

    Seraph On the Suwanee published to good reviews