Concerts from the Library of Congress

Concerts from the Library of Congress developed the Boccaccio Project to provide some artistic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten composers were commissioned to write brief solo works, with the remotely recorded pieces to be premiered online in June 2020.

Premiere Date: TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2020 at 8:00 PM

Composer Richard Drehoff Jr. has been paired with oboist Andrew Nogal of the Grossman Ensemble to write a new work for solo oboe, entitled shadow of a difference / falling.

Richard Drehoff Jr., photo by James Matthew Daniel

Andrew Nogal, photo by Jay Morthland


shadow of a difference / falling
   Andrew Nogal, oboe

About the work

shadow of a difference / falling is a series of moments based around the idea of the proverbial bird beating its wings against its newfound cage in trepidation. Each impulse provides insight into its fragile disposition, venturing from moments of cautious curiosity, through forlorn wails and futile exertions, to a melancholy resignation of its confinement. The work exposes the bird’s vulnerability by exploring blurred inflections of pitch, unsteady and ever-wavering sweeps across registers, and sharp juxtapositions between timid and rash gestures.
~ Richard Drehoff Jr.

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