Concerts from the Library of Congress, 2013-2014

Presentations and performances showcasing the collections of the Library's Music Division and the knowledge of its expert curators

2014 Lectures at Noon

Nancy Newman

American Musicological Society Lecture

APRIL 22 at Noon

Coolidge Auditorium

"A program not greatly to their credit": Finding New Perspectives on the Germania Musical Society through the American Memory Sheet Music Collection
Nancy Newman (pictured on the right), Associate Professor, University of Albany, State University of New York

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Presented by the Library of Congress and the American Musicological Society.


JANUARY 28 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

The Sound of Broadway and Popular Song: How Arrangers and Orchestrators Transform the Songs We Hear, with Mark Horowitz

FEBRUARY 11 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

The Lost Treasures of Wanda Landowska, with Chris Hartten

FEBRUARY 25 at Noon

Mumford Room, LM-649

Saints on Stage: The Depiction of Mormons in American Musical Theater, with Janet McKinney

MARCH 4 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

Dear Major Bowes: The Amateur Hour Collection at the Library of Congress, with Sharon McKinley

MARCH 11 at Noon

Coolidge Auditorium

Remembering Argos: Life and Loss in the Funeral Odes of Franz Liszt, with David H. Plylar, Ph.D.


Whittall Pavilion

Hidden Figures in American Modernism, with Laura Yust

APRIL 8 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion
Jazz as a Cold War Weapon, with Larry Appelbaum

APRIL 15 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

Recording The Library's Concerts: Pt. 2 (The Digital Revolution), with Mike Turpin

APRIL 24 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

Hindemith's Kleine Kammermusik: A Study in Musical Democracy, with Karen Moses

2013 Lectures at Noon


Kendra Leonard

American Musicological Society Guest Presentation

SEPTEMBER 24 at Noon

Coolidge Auditorium

Meaning and Myth in Louise Talma's First Period Works
Kendra Leonard (pictured on the right), Managing Editor, Journal of Music History Pedagogy, and Director, Silent Film Sound and Music Archive

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Presented by the Library of Congress and the American Musicological Society.

NOVEMBER 5 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

Boris Kochno, Cole Porter and Sergei Diaghilev, with Walter Zvonchenko

DECEMBER 3 at Noon

Whittall Pavilion

The Belle of the Ball: An American Opera Student at the Turn of the 20th Century, with Caitlin Miller

DECEMBER 16 at Noon

RESCHEDULED from October 8

Whittall Pavilion

"Taps" and General Daniel Butterfield: Tracing the History of America's Bugle Call, with Nicholas Alexander Brown