U.S. Capitol

The American Law Division provides objective, authoritative and non-partisan legal analysis and consultation to Members of Congress and their staff on issues of national importance that arise as part of the legislative process or that are otherwise of interest to Congress. Division attorneys advise Congress on its legislative and oversight powers under the Constitution, delineating the limits of federal power over individuals and the states, illuminating challenges to enacted legislation and potential problems with contemplated legislation, and examining constitutional and statutory issues, including the separation of powers, individual rights, federalism and statutory interpretation. Members of Congress and their staff consult with division attorneys on all facets of law in the United States, including administrative, business, civil rights, cybersecurity, energy, environmental, immigration, intellectual property, international, labor, military, national security, procurement, tax and trade law. The American Law Division prepares and updates the Constitution of the United States: Analysis and Interpretation, which has served as the nation’s Constitution of record for more than 100 years and which documents for Congress and the public how constitutional interpretations and applications have evolved over time.

Last Updated: 11/28/2018