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The Domestic Social Policy (DSP) Division's work includes analyses of domestic policy and social program issues. These include education, labor and worker safety; health-care insurance and financing; health services and research; aging policy studies; Social Security, pensions and disability insurance; immigration, homeland security, domestic intelligence and criminal justice; and welfare, nutrition and housing programs.

DSP is subdivided into six research sections, each led by a section research manager:

  • Children and Families — coverage includes
    • issues facing children and families such as child welfare, foster care and adoption, teen pregnancy, runaway and homeless youth
    • low-income populations (welfare, food stamps, child support, Head Start)
    • housing (Section 8, public housing and other subsidies, programs for special populations, homelessness, home ownership initiatives)
  • Domestic Security and Immigration — coverage includes
    • criminal justice (FBI, drug control, gun control, juvenile justice, sentencing, crime trends)
    • domestic intelligence activities of the FBI and other agencies such as Drug Enforcement Agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and components of the Department of Homeland Security
    • border security (Border Patrol, terrorist screening, unauthorized aliens)
    • immigration (legal immigration, temporary workers, naturalization)
  • Education and Labor — coverage includes
    • elementary and secondary education (federal aid to school districts, accountability, aid allocation formulas, special education)
    • postsecondary education and job training (student aid, college costs, vocational education)
    • labor (pay equity, labor standards such as minimum wage and overtime pay)
  • Health Insurance and Financing — coverage includes
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance
    • health insurance access, coverage and reform
  • Health Services and Research — coverage includes
    • medical research and health care services (disease research at the National Institutes of Health, stem cells, electronic medical records)
    • public health (prescription drug and device regulation at the Food and Drug Administration, health preparedness and emergency response)
    • health issues for the aging such as long-term care and chronic disease management
    • veterans' health care
  • Income Security — coverage includes
    • Social Security (retirement and disability benefits)
    • unemployment compensation, workers compensation
    • retirement saving and pensions
    • income distribution
  • Research and Library Services
    • The Research and Library Services (RL) section is composed of research librarians to provide legislative and public policy research in support of congressional clients and CRS staff. The RL section provides research across the full range of DSP policy areas, and also provides selected information services such as training on research resources.

Last Updated: 05/04/2018