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Duplication Services provides expanded access to the collections of the Library of Congress through a wide variety of high quality reproduction services, including high resolution digital scans and prints, digital and paper photocopies, photographs, and microfilm copies of materials in the Library of Congress.

Price List

Digital Files

Item Price Information
Crop Fee 100% From total cost of the material
Oversize Copy 10.00 Cost per Foot
Digital File (Hi RES) 25.00  
Digital Scan (Original Material) 50.00 Additional fees added to Nitrate Material
Digital Scan (Original negative) 50.00 Additional fees added to Nitrate Material
Microfilm/Fiche Tiff 1.50  
Microfilm/Fiche Tiff to PDF 1.50  
Microfilm/Fiche Tiff to PDF + OCR 2.00  
Digital Scan (Copy Negative) 45.00  
Digital Scan (Color Trans) 45.00  
Digital Scan (Glass Negative) 45.00  
Digital Photocopy (PDF) 1.50 The minimun order is 10 pages

Photographic Prints (Glossy or Matte)

Item Price Information
8 X 10 B/W 35.00  
11 X 14 B/W 45.00  
16 X 20 B/W 55.00  
20 X 24 B/W 75.00  
B/W Special sizes   Contact Customer Services for details
8 X 10 Color 55.00  
11 X 14 Color 65.00  
16 X 20 Color 100.00  
20 X 24 Color 150.00  
Color Special sizes   Contact Customer Services for details
Oversize per sq. ft. B/W 35.00  
Oversize per sq. ft. Color 45.00  


Item Price Information
Photocopy Color 5.00 cost per page
Photocopy B/W 20.00 up to 20 pages (minimun order)
Certification Photo 75.00  
Certification Copy 50.00 up to 20 pages


Item Price Information
Microfilm Positive US Film 100.00 Plus shipping
Microfilm Positive Non US Film 115.00 Plus shipping

Service Fees

All orders are assessed with a Service Fee

Item Price
Process Fee (1 - 5 items) 25.00
Process Fee (6 - 10 items) 35.00
Process Fee (11 - 20 items) 50.00
Process Fee (Over 21 items) 75.00
Rush Fee 10 Days 300%
Rush Fee < 5 Days 500%
Special Handling fee 25.00

Shipping and Handling

Item Price
Shipping US up to $40 15.00
Shipping US $40.01 - $100 20.00
Shipping US $100.01 - 200.00 25.00
Shipping US $200.01 - $300.00 35.00
Shipping US over $300.01 15%
Shipping Outside US up to $40 35.00
Shipping Outside US $40.01 - $100 45.00
Shipping Outside US $100.01 - 200.00 55.00
Shipping Outside US $200.01 - $300.00 75.00
Shipping Outside US $300.01 30%
Sent On CD 15.00
Additional CD 5.00
Digital Sent to email/FTP/HTTP Min 1 image 5.00
Digital Sent to email/FTP/HTTP 6 or more per image 1.00

Products Information

Digital Scan
a.k.a. Digital High Resolution, Tiff Scans

Our high-resolution digital scans, provided as tiff files, have a standard DPI of 300. DPI can be higher, depending on original negative or object size.

Duplication Services has set guidelines for scanning. Our specifications are:

  • B&W negatives: 8-bit grayscale
  • Color negatives/transparencies: 24-bit RGB
  • File Format: Uncompressed TIFF

From negatives

Negative size DPI Specifications
35 mm 3200
2 1/4 x2 1/4" 2400
4 x 5" 1200
5 x 7" 800
8 x 10" 600

Digital PDF
a.k.a. Digital Photocopy PDF

Our digital photocopies are black and white PDF file(s) containing the scanned materials. The quality is similar to that of photocopying.


Our microfilm copies are produced by filming textual material of uniform overall background and size density not exceeding 17" x 24". Price is based on the type, size and quality of the original material. Duplication Services must review original material before a price is quoted.

Process and Research Fees

All orders will be assessed with a Process fee. For work to be performed by a researcher, a $40 non-refundable fee will be added to the order for payment.

Researcher Services

Duplication Services researches collection holdings and makes reproductions of Library of Congress materials available to the public for a fee. When you place an order with us, our team of highly specialized Searchers will located the needed materials and provide you with digitized, print, certified or microfilm orders.

Researcher's Fee

Time is billed in 30 minutes increment. Monetary or time restrictions may be placed on a project.

Service Price Ready
Weekly $75/hour 5 business days (excludes materials from the Special and International Collections)
Standard $40/hour 4 weeks

In addition to the time spent searching, you will be charged for time required for retrieving and returning items as well as preparing materials to be sent.

You will be billed for search time even if the information/image requested is not found

Fees All orders are assessed with a Service Fee
Process Fee (1 - 5 items) 25.00
Process Fee (6 - 10 items) 35.00
Process Fee (11 - 20 items) 50.00
Process Fee (Over 21 items) 75.00
Rush Fee 10 Days 300%
Rush Fee < 5 Days 500%
Special Handling fee 25.00


Duplication Services provides Certifications of photocopies and images of Library of Congress Holdings.

The process of certifying documents takes about 3 to 5 weeks. This is dependent on the availability of the materials.

The cost of certifying documents includes the following:

  • Certification – per title and up-to 20 pages: $50.00
  • Processing Fee Services: $25.00
  • Page count (cost varies based on total number of pages that require certification)
  • Shipping Cost (Based on total cost of certification package)

To expedite processing time, our most common Legal Certifications are listed below:

Ordering Code Legal Document Title Estimated Cost*
PHD-LAW 1 Resolution 75, April 17, 1933 from the Journal of the House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. $115.00
PHD-LAW 2 House Joint Resolution 192, June 5, 1933, To Assure Uniform Value to the Coins and Currencies of the United States. $115.00
PHD-LAW 3 Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Morocco 1786/1787 (the same). $115.00
PHD-LAW 4 Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Morocco 1836. $115.00
PHD-LAW 5 1791 Bill of Rights, Broadside version owned by the Library of Congress. $115.00
PHD-LAW 6 Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement with the Republic of Mexico, February 2, 1848 (9 stat 92). $115.00
PHD-LAW 7 Congressional Record, 76th Congress (1939), Invisible Government by Rep. Thorkelson. $115.00
PHD-LAW 8 Congressional Record, 76th Congress (1940), Steps towards a British Union, A World State and International Strife Parts I-IX by Rep. Thorkelson. $190.00
PHD-LAW 9 Congressional Record, 76th Congress (1940), Authenticity of British Secret Document Part II by Rep. Thorkelson. $115.00
PHD-LAW 10 Congressional Record 90th Congress (1967), The 14th Amendment-Equal Protection of the Law or Tool Usurpation, House of Representatives, June 13, 1967. $115.00
PHD-LAW 11 Congressional Record 103rd Congress (1993-1994), Providing for Consideration of House Current Resolution 64, Concurrent Resolution on the Budget Fiscal Year 1994, House of Representatives, March 17, 1993. $115.00
PHD-LAW 12 Congressional Record 102nd Congress (1991-1992), National and International Thievery in High Places, House of Representatives, May 4, 1992. $115.00
PHD-LAW 13 An Act to Provide Relief in the Existing National Emergency in Banking for Other Purposes, March 9, 1933. $115.00
PHD-LAW 14 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, September 13, 2007 $270.00

*Cost includes standard UPS shipping. For faster delivery, additional charges may apply.

To order, go to and select Legal Document in “Type of material to be duplicated” field. In the “Identifying information for this item” field type the ordering code listed above.

For additional certifications or any other type not listed above, go to to place an order.