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Charlie Jane Anders
Photo credit: Sarah Deragon, Portraits to the People

Charlie Jane Anders' latest novel is “The City in the Middle of the Night” (Tor). She is also the author of “All the Birds in the Sky,” which won the Nebula, Crawford and Locus awards, and “Choir Boy,” which won a Lambda Literary Award. She has also penned a novella called “Rock Manning Goes for Broke” and a short story collection called “Six Months, Three Days, Five Others.” Her short fiction has appeared in, Boston Review, Tin House, Conjunctions, the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Wired magazine, Slate, Asimov's Science Fiction and many more. Anders also organizes the monthly Writers with Drinks reading series and co-hosts the podcast “Our Opinions Are Correct” with Annalee Newitz.

Selected Works at the Library of Congress

Appearances at the 2019 National Book Festival

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