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Daniel Bergner
Photo credit: Courtesy of the author

Daniel Bergner is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and the author of books of nonfiction: the bestselling “Sing for Your Life,” “What Do Women Want?,” “The Other Side of Desire,” “In the Land of Magic Soldiers” and “God of the Rodeo.” His writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, Harper’s Magazine, Mother Jones and The New York Times Book Review. Featured at the 2022 National Book Festival, Bergner’s latest book, “The Mind and the Moon: My Brother's Story, the Science of Our Brains and the Search for Our Psyches,” explores patients of mental illness and their experiences with treatments, and reflects on how society cares for the mind scientifically and spiritually.

Selected Works at the Library of Congress

Appearances at the 2022 National Book Festival

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