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Exhibition Baseball Americana

Bobblehead of New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza (b. 1968), 2002. Shea Stadium, New York (042.01.00)
Trevor Time battery-operated clock with San Diego Padres pitcher Trevor Hoffman (b. 1967), 2007. Petco Park, San Diego (042.03.00)
Star Wars R2-D2 bobblehead, Cincinnati Reds, 2015. Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati (042.05.00)
Fotoball with Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens (b. 1962), 1995. Fenway Park, Boston (042.00.00)
Pom-poms for Opening Day at the Minnesota Twins new stadium, 2010. Target Field, Minneapolis (042.04.00)
Seattle Mariners compost kitchen bucket, 2012. Safeco Field, Seattle (042.02.00)
Courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Ballpark Souvenirs

Marketing 101 recommends ticket discounts, theme nights, and giveaways to boost attendance during lackluster seasons or economic downturns. A few ill-advised promotions, however, proved costly, triggering spectacles that resulted in home team forfeits, such as Ten-Cent Beer Night at Cleveland Municipal Stadium (1974), Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park (1979), and Ball Night at Dodger Stadium (1995). The giveaways shown here are meant to encourage and reward continued fandom.