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Exhibition Comic Art: 120 Years of Panels and Pages

RAW, vol. 2, no. 2, signed by artists. London: Penguin Books, 1990. Serial and Government Publications Division, Library of Congress (042.00.00)

A Comix Anthology

Editors Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman considered RAW both a revival of underground comix and a medium for experimenting with art and storytelling. The three-letter title was deliberately chosen to echo Mad magazine. They published the first issue of RAW in 1980 as a large format tabloid—mirroring the design structure of oversize art magazines. Subsequent issues serialized Spiegelman’s Maus, published works of cartoonists such as Chris Ware and Lynda Barry, and introduced American audiences to European commix. RAW took on the smaller digest format when Penguin Books began to publish it in 1990.