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Exhibition Comic Art: 120 Years of Panels and Pages

Hilary B. Price (b. 1969). Rhymes With Orange. “Intro-ducing. . . ,” April 24, 2003. Ink and graphite. Gift, Hilary B. Price, 2016. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (024.01.00) © 2003 Hilary B. Price, Dist. By King Features Syndicate, Inc. LC-DIG-ppmsca-67948.

Contemporary Life

Hilary B. Price began drawing her award-winning comic Rhymes With Orange in 1995 when she became the youngest woman to have a syndicated newspaper strip. Among the few cartoonists still syndicated, Price also teaches and does public speaking and storytelling. In her innovative comic, she includes a separate title panel that introduces each strip. In concisely drawn scenes, she often conveys witty observations on trends in contemporary life as seen in this amusing spoof on non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic beverages.