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Exhibition Comic Art: 120 Years of Panels and Pages

Will Eisner (1917–2005). 9-11 Emergency Relief. Gainesville, FL: Alternative Comics, 2002. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (021.00.00) Artwork © 2002 Will Eisner Studios, Inc. WILL EISNER is Registered Trademark of Will Eisner Studios, Inc. Used with permission. LC-DIG-ppmsca-02030

Shocking Reality

Legendary creator of comics and graphic novels, Will Eisner conveyed the collective shock felt by millions as the destruction and loss caused by the September 11 terrorist attacks unfolded in real time on broadcast television. Watching in horror, an Everyman covered in smoke and debris embodies the intense pain widely experienced that day. Eisner’s compassionate, haunting response to the tragedy demonstrates the narrative and expressive capacity of a single panel. He continued to be a powerful visual storyteller late into his life.