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Exhibition Comic Art: 120 Years of Panels and Pages

Marie Severin (1929–2018). The Incredible Hulk. “Ring around the Rhino!” June, 1968. Script by Gary Friedrich, edited by Stan Lee, and drawn by Marie Severin. Ink and white out over pencil with overlays and paste-ons. George Sturman Collection, 1992. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (019.00.00) © Marvel, used with permission. LC-DIG-ppmsca-32259

Superhero Hulk

In her cover drawing of the Incredible Hulk, artist Marie Severin captures the superhero’s dual nature by sharply contrasting images: the creature of monstrous rage versus the chastened captive. Beginning as a colorist of comic books, Severin was one of the few women to advance to drawing major superhero titles for Marvel comics. Since artist Jack Kirby first introduced the Hulk in 1962, the character’s story has been told and retold in comic books, television, and movies.