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Exhibition Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration

Joseph Papin. Peter E. Fleming Reads Documents to Jury, April 8, 1974. India ink and blue pencil on white paper. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (074.00.00)
LC-DIG-ppmsca- 51567
Gift of Jane Papin

Peter Fleming Addresses the Jury

John Mitchell's defense attorney, Peter E. Fleming, along with assistant counsel John Sprizzo, successfully defended their client. Mitchell had already been indicted for perjury in the Watergate scandal when United States v. John Mitchell et al. began. The defendants were on trial for unethical handling of funds by the Committee to Re-Elect the President. Fleming emphasized during the course of the trial that Mitchell worked to see Nixon re-elected, not to enrich himself. The jury found Mitchell and Stans not guilty. However, Mitchell served nineteen months in prison for his role in Watergate.