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Exhibition Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration

Gary Myrick. Anti-IRS Group Leader (Clark) Acts As Her Own Attorney, 1995. Colored pencil on gray paper. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (082.00.00)
LC-DIG-ppmsca-51135 © Gary Myrick
Gift and purchase, Gary Myrick

Tax Evader Defends Herself

Invoking her Sixth Amendment right not to accept an attorney, Lesliedawn Clark defended herself during her trial and that of seven other defendants of the Pilot Connection Society. The defendants, part of the Freemen movement, purposely evaded taxes, declaring the Internal Revenue Service "domestic enemy number one." On June 7, 1995, the judge ruled that the defendants had conspired to defraud the United States in creating and selling their "Untax" packages. Clark, in her local prison uniform, questions Special Agent Sanders, whom the IRS had called to calculate tax losses as a result of the defendants' actions. Her sum affected the length of their sentences. The defendants appealed their convictions and lost.