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Exhibition Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration

Federal and Special Courts

There are many types of courts in the United States, each with its own rules, customs, and traditions. A court may follow relevant local, state, and federal statutes, as well as procedural rules. The U.S. military has its own judicial system. While a naval court of inquiry is overseen by five admirals, an army court martial has a judge and a six-officer jury. State and federal appellate courts traditionally have a three-judge system. New York City created a separate residential housing court system rather than have tenant-landlord relationships clog up city courts. Immigration courts, run by the Department of Justice, separate the issues of deportation from the local and state governments. In some cases, numerous illustrators are hired to cover these special courts, but increasingly, especially for military courts, only one artist is permitted into the courtroom and multiple print, broadcast, and internet media must acquire rights to use the single set of drawings.