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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Virginia Huget (1900–1991). Molly the Manicure Girl. "Exercise is Making a New Girl out of Me, Molly. . . ," August 11, 1928. India ink over pencil, with blue pencil. Gift and bequest of Caroline and Erwin Swann, 1974. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (010.00.00)

Flappers Enliven the Comics

Virginia Huget created one of the few comics that identified flappers as job holders. In this beach scene, the brunette friend Gertie plays the foil to the blonde manicurist Molly, the shrewder, smarter character. The strip displays Huget's fine-lined drawing and ability to create engaging characters and breezy humor typical of the 1920s. The prolific Huget created other comic features, drew strips by others, and illustrated books.