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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Lilli Carré (b. 1983). My Dreams Have Been Quite Strange Lately (verso), 2010. Silkscreen. Chicago: Spudnik Press, 2010. Gift of the artist, 2011. Small Press Expo Collection, Serial and Government Publications Division, Library of Congress (017.01.00)
LC-DIG-ppmsca-40506 © Lilli Carré

Altered States—The Morning After

Lilli Carré's vignettes of dreaming and waking in a stream-of-consciousness mode literally unfold as a two-sided, color minicomic. Artistically sophisticated and technically accomplished, this limited edition silkscreen stands out among minicomics, which tend mostly to be black and white and photocopied. In verso images, Carré's male narrator awakens in a green and yellow world, suffering jarring sensations and disjunction between the two states when he thinks he sees the mysterious woman of his dream on his way to work. In the recto, the character appears in his dreamworld. Born in Los Angeles, and trained and based in Chicago, the versatile Carré creates graphic narratives, online comics, and animations.