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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Lynn Johnston (b. 1947). For Better or For Worse. "So Rather Than Get a Job Now, I'll Pick Up the Credits I'm Missing—and Maybe Get My Degree!" November 19, 1980. Ink over graphite underdrawing with tonal film and paste-ons. Gift/purchase, 2003. Art Wood Collection of Caricature and Cartoon, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (012.01.00)
LC–DIG–ppmsca–33041© Lynn Johnston

Beyond the Domestic

Over coffee with a friend, Elly Patterson, the central character of Lynn Johnston's comic shares aspirations beyond her domestic roles. Ensuing episodes chronicle her venturing outside her home to work in the town library and the local bookstore, which she eventually co-owns. Largely through Elly's voice, Johnston projects a strong female character's perspective on family life and her development as an individual who, like Johnston's other engaging characters, ages in real time.