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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Carol Tyler (b. 1951). Men: Start Your Collection Today. Cover for Wimmen's Comix, no. 16, 1990. Serial and Government Publications Division, Library of Congress (018.01.00)
© Carol Tyler

Going Underground—Carol Tyler

Comic artist Carol Tyler creates a feminist spoof on the act of collecting in this 1990 cover of Wimmen's Comix. Depicting men as collectible, bottle-shaped types, she cleverly mocks a male tendency to sometimes stereotype and classify women mainly on the basis of appearance. Tyler came of age during the underground comix movement in San Francisco, meeting her future husband at that time. Like many sister cartoonists she found it helpful to participate in such all-female collectives as Wimmen's Comix, which published nearly annual anthologies from 1972 to 1992. Tyler has forged a career as a teacher of comic arts and created award-winning autobiographical memoirs in the comic art format.