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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Trina Robbins (b. 1938). Disastrous Relationships. Cover for Wimmen's Comix, no. 14, 1989. Serial and Government Publication Division, Library of Congress (018.00.00)
© Trina Robbins

Going Underground—Trina Robbins

In her eye-catching cover design for the 1989 issue of Wimmen's Comix, Trina Robbins created a parody of male caddishness and needless female misery. When she and sister cartoonists found that their male counterparts in the underground comix movement in the San Francisco area were not open to including their work in anthologies, they drew, wrote, and published their own compilations. Key among these titles, Wimmen's Comix ran nearly annually from 1972 to 1992, operating as a collective with revolving editors. Founding contributor and occasional editor, Robbins then gravitated increasingly to writing, collaborating mostly with female artists, and researching and producing invaluable works chronicling the history of women in comics.