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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Jillian Tamaki (b. 1980). [Rose and Windy at the beach], ca. 2013. Ink. Published in This One Summer, 2014. Purchase, 2013. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (016.01.00)
LC–DIG–ppmsca–40502 © Jillian Tamaki

Graphic Narrative

Using brushstrokes that vary from full and lush to thin and fine, Jillian Tamaki depicts snapshot-like views of two pre-teens in an award-winning, coming-of-age graphic novel. Through such imagery, she evokes the peaceful, poetic beauty of Awago Beach, the girls' families' vacation spot. In collaboration with her cousin, Tamaki creates believable young female characters based on her own experiences and imagination and imbues her illustrations with a strong sense of place.