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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Liza Donnelly (b. 1955). "Next Semester, I was Thinking of Taking ‘How to avoid rape,' but the Pre-requists [sic] are ‘How to Dress,' ‘How to Behave,' and ‘How to Please,'" ca. 2014. Ink and wash drawing. Gift of the artist, 2014. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (034.01.00)
LC–DIG–ppmsca–38585 © Liza Donnelly

Campus Concern

A contract cartoonist for the New Yorker, Liza Donnelly frequently focuses on culture and politics, particularly women's issues. Using her fluid drawing style and minimal detail, Donnelly depicts a young co-ed and her roommate discussing the possibility of taking a course on "How to avoid rape." This drawing shows the artist's considerable skill in evoking scenarios that at first appear breezy and lighthearted, but transmit serious messages.