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Exhibition Drawn to Purpose

Dale Messick (1906–2005). Brenda Starr. Brenda Has a Visit from the Captain . . . , January 7, 1956. Ink, graphite, and colored pencil. Purchase, 2001. Art Wood Collection of Caricature and Cartoon Collection, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (008.01.00)

Adventure and Intrigue Ahead

Creating an atmosphere of suspense in this strip, Dale Messick set the stage for adventure and romance for her heroine, reporter Brenda Starr. Plying her skills as a storyteller, Messick chronicled Brenda's pursuit of jewel thieves, search for a missing model, and longtime romance with the mysterious inventor Basil St. John. Messick's worthy female counterpart to male heroes marked a milestone among comics by women. At its peak, the strip ran in 250 newspapers.