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Exhibition Geppi Gems

Geppi Gems
  • September 17, 2021–September 27, 2022
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COMIC BOOKS have permeated almost every popular entertainment medium in the United States. When Stephen A. Geppi opened the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2006, he sought to show how comic books—much like newspapers, television, motion pictures, music and sports—have shaped and influenced the culture of the United States.

When the Geppi Entertainment Museum closed its doors in 2018, Mr. Geppi generously donated a large portion of its contents to the Library of Congress, knowing that thousands of people would be able to access his collection and relive their own childhood memories or share in his excitement about comic book superheroes and pop culture icons.

The Library of Congress honors Mr. Geppi’s generosity with a selection of the collection’s gems. They represent themes from the museum, including Walt Disney’s iconic characters, westerns, superheroes, science fiction, horror, sports, music, and entertainment.

View the exhibition brochure (PDF, 4.64MB)