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Exhibition Geppi Gems

Albert B. Feldstein. “William M. Gaines + friends,” ca. 1996. Photomechanical print. Stephen A. Geppi Collection of Comics and Graphic Arts, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (020.01.00) © Al Feldstein

William M. Gaines + Friends

Artist and editor Al Feldstein created this posthumous celebration of publisher William M. Gaines who is pictured reading one of his popular EC Comics titles, Tales from the Crypt, while the Crypt Keeper, the Vault Keeper and the Old Witch stand behind him. Gaines hired Feldstein in 1948 and within a couple of years the pair focused on the horror comics lines that entertained many readers in the 1950s. MAD magazine was Gaines’ only EC Comics title for years and Feldstein served as his editor from 1956 to 1984, a long-lasting relationship that Feldstein fondly evokes in this image.