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Exhibition Geppi Gems

Richard Tolmach. Jim Salzer Presents Aug. 19 [1967] at Earl Warren. Moby Grape, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Captain Speed, Tim Buckley, [image 1967, printed 1986]. Offset lithograph. Stephen A. Geppi Collection of Comics and Graphic Arts, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (024.00.00) © Richard F. Tolmach LC-DIG-ppmsca-70864

Jimi Hendrix Experience

During the 1960s, psychedelic concert posters became so popular with young collectors that printers quickly began to market them inexpensively. Like the musicians whose work they advertised, artists sought new ways to convey the information, with a mind-bending explosion of color and lettering that seemingly obscured the intent. This particular poster by Richard Tolmach went through three printings. Printed in green and red on white paper, it features a portrait of Jimi Hendrix with the names of the bands appearing that evening forming his shoulders.