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Exhibition Geppi Gems

Space Cadet News. Stephen A. Geppi Collection of Comics and Graphic Arts, Serial and Government Publications Division, Library of Congress (019.01.00)

Space Cadet News

This collection of items highlights one of Mr. Geppi’s particular areas of interest: fan materials. In addition to the many comic books and original artworks in Mr. Geppi’s collection, there are a number of fan materials—newsletters, premiums (giveaways), fan club cards, signed photographs, and other items that show the popularity of specific subjects and characters. Tom Corbett-Space Cadet was a popular character in the 1950s. He was featured in television shows, comic books and strips, a radio program, and books. This item, which includes a fan club newsletter and envelope, along with a signed photograph and a collectible souvenir, is a great example of the variety of fan materials in the Geppi Collection.