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Exhibition Geppi Gems

Black Goliath, no. 1 February 1976. New York: Marvel Comics. Stephen A. Geppi Collection of Comics and Graphic Arts, Serial and Government Publications Division, Library of Congress (028.01.00) © Marvel Comics

Black Goliath

Joining other established Black characters in the Marvel Universe including Black Panther, Storm, Luke Cage, Falcon, Misty Knight, and others, Black Goliath was also known as Dr. William Foster, a scientist who first appeared in Avengers, no. 32 (1966), and later worked with Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym, aka Ant Man. Originally debuting in Power Man no. 24 (April 1975), the subsequent series Black Goliath featured work by well-known comics artists including Tony Isabella, George Tuska, and Vince Colletta. While Black Goliath only lasted for five issues, Dr. Foster and his various alter egos, appeared in later Marvel series.