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Exhibition Art in Action: Herblock and Fellow Artists Respond to Their Times

Herblock (1909–2001). “I Hear President Clinton Wants to Spend Money to Send More People to College—What is College?” 1997. Porous point pen, graphite, India ink, opaque white, and overlays over blue pencil underdrawing. Published in the Washington Post, May 21, 1997. Herbert L. Block Collection, Prints and Photograph Division, Library of Congress. © Herb Block Foundation (030.01.00)

Education Gap

Depicting two boys discussing President Bill Clinton’s intention to offer federal funds to make college education accessible to more people, Herblock voices approval of the president’s plan. When one boy asks “What is college?” he also drives home the enormous gap in general knowledge among the poor and needy. By 1999 the administration’s HOPE Scholarships and Lifetime Learning tax credits assisted millions of families striving to cover costs of college in 1999, expanding opportunity for college education on a scale not seen since the GI Bill.