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Exhibition Art in Action: Herblock and Fellow Artists Respond to Their Times

Favianna Rodriguez (b. 1978). Media Justice is Self Determination; From Da Celly to Da Telly, Media Justice Now! Third World Majority, 2003. Silkscreen. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. © Favianna Rodriguez, used by permission (036.00.00)

Empowerment through Media

In this image that embraces the concept “from cell phone to television,” Favianna Rodriguez’s visual/textual message stresses the power of immediacy, first-person stories, and justice in the media. Rodriguez, a self-described “agitator and artist” depicts a camerawoman who trains her lens on the viewer, flanked by another woman shouting into a headset microphone. Behind them, a crowd carrying rally signs appears in silhouette. The artist created the work for the Third World Majority, an organization that sought to arm women of color and other historically disenfranchised people with tools and skills to tell their own stories.