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Exhibition Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote

Carrie Chapman Catt (1859–1947) to Woodrow Wilson, November 26, 1918. Woodrow Wilson Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (115.00.00)

Suffrage “Ocean to Ocean” before the Next Election

Despite personal appeals from President Wilson to pass women’s suffrage as a war measure, the Senate delayed action for ten months and then narrowly defeated the House-passed amendment on October 1, 1918. NAWSA leader Carrie Chapman Catt wrote this ingratiating letter to the president on November 28, requesting “one more mention of the Federal amendment.” She optimistically predicted ratification by May. Wilson acquiesced in his December State of the Union Address, but Senate passage again fell short, this time by one vote on February 10, 1919.

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