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Exhibition Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote

R. Baxter Blair (1881–n.d.), draftsman, and L. Philip Denoyer (1876–1964), geographer. “A39 Woman Suffrage,” in Hart American History Series, edited by Albert Bushnell Hart (1854–1943) with David Maydole Matteson (1871–1949). Chicago: Denoyer-Geppert Co., 1926. Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress (127.00.00)

Mapping the Movement for Students

In 1926, when Harvard University historian and editor Albert Bushnell Hart updated an earlier compilation of wall maps intended to aid the teaching of American history in secondary schools, he added a sheet (A39) drawn by R. Baxter Blair illustrating the progression of woman suffrage decennially from 1880 to 1920. Each map recorded the nation’s increasing female population, the numbers of women granted suffrage of some type, and key suffrage dates in various states. The 1920 map also shows the order of ratification.