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Exhibition Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote


Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote is made possible by The Library of Congress James Madison Council with additional support from 1st Financial Bank USA, Democracy Fund, AARP, Thomas V. Girardi, HISTORY®, Barbara Lee Family Foundation Fund at the Boston Foundation, Roger and Julie Baskes.

Exhibits Team

  • David Mandel, Director, Center for Exhibits and Interpretation
  • Karen Werth, Deputy Chief, Exhibits Office
  • Carroll Johnson-Welsh, Kimberli Curry, and Betsy Nahum-Miller, Exhibition Directors, Exhibits Office
  • Janice E. Ruth, Curator, Acting Chief, Manuscript Division
  • Elizabeth A. Novara, Curator, Women’s History Specialist, Manuscript Division
  • Joon Yi, Digital Projects Coordinator, Design Office
  • Naomi Coquillon, Education Director, Exhibits Office
  • Raymond Leo, Production Officer, Exhibits Office
  • Alan Gevinson, Special Assistant, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division
  • Patrick Shepler and Rachel Waldron, Registrars, Exhibits Office

Exhibits Office Staff

Peter Bottger, Simonette dela Torre, Pinesha Harrison, Cynthia Wayne, David Jung, Cheryl Regan, Marc Roman, and interns Jayne Barden-Oddan, Faye Cura, Marisa Hernandez, and Ashton Langrick

Library of Congress Staff

Mike Mashon, Karen Fishman, Eric Graf, and Rosemary Hanes, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division; Helena Zinkham, Sara Duke, Beverly Brannan, Barbara Natanson and Phil Michel, Prints and Photographs Division; Caitlin Miller, Music Division; Barbara Bair, Timothy Stutz, and Christopher Copetas, Manuscript Division; Mark Dimunation, Rare Book and Special Collections Division; Georgia Higley, Arlene Balkansky, Megan Halsband, and Amber Paranick, Serial and Government Publications Division; Cynthia Smith, Geography and Map Division; Elmer Eusman and Kaare Chaffee, Conservation Division; Laura Moiseev and Jamie Bresner, Web Services; Domenic Sergi, Andrew Cook, Jade Curtis, and Michelle Minor, Digital Scan Center; Mark Hartsell, Gayle Osterberg, Lola Pyne, Shawn Miller, and Brett Zongker, Communications Office; Stacie Rudy, Printing Services

  • Exhibition and Brochure Design, Pure+Applied, New York City
  • Film and Interactive Production, Upswell, Portland, Oregon
  • Fabrication, Explus and Capitol Museum Services
  • Graphic Services, Dodge-Chrome

Kamaan Richards, photographer. Women March On, An Official Sister Organization of the National Women’s March, January 19, 2019, Houston, Texas.