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Exhibition Echoes of the Great War: American Experiences of World War I

U.S. Signal Corps. American 155 mm Artillery Cooperating with the 29th Div. in Position on Road Just Taken from the Germans. Bat[tery] A 324th Artillery, 158[th] Brig[ade] in France. Photograph. National Photo Company Collection, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (118.00.00)

A Howitzer

The war brought with it an increase in artillery and experimentation in artillery tactics. Cannons like this French Schneider 155mm howitzer were used by the U.S. Army to attack the German lines. A trained crew could fire three 100-pound shells per minute a distance of approximately 12,500 yards. The photograph shows a soldier standing in front of the cannon holding a tool in the barrel, assisting the 29th Infantry Division in France.