Staff for the Exhibition

[Flower towers] by Jen Kim
Example from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

Interpretive Programs Office, Library of Congress

  • Irene Chambers, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Cheryl Regan, Exhibition Director
  • Debbie Durbeck, Exhibition Production Officer
  • Tambra Johnson, Margaret Brown, Pamela Steele, Exhibition Registrars
  • Betsy Nahum-Miller, Online Exhibition Specialist
  • Chris O'Connor, David Hayward, Susan Mordan, Carroll Johnson, Martha Hopkins, Giulia Adelfio, Kimberli Curry, Denise Agee, Seth de Matties
  • and
  • Diane Kresh, Director, Public Service Collections Directorate

Staff Contributions, Library of Congress

[Black and white bleeding flag] by Ziva Kronzen
Example from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

African and Middle Eastern Division

Beverly Gray, Mary-Jane Deeb, Fawzi Tadros, Chris Murphy

American Folklife Center

Peggy Bulger, Ann Hoog, Jennifer Cutting, Judith Gray, James Hardin, Mary Huffford, Howard Kramer, Tatiana Omeltchenko, David Taylor

Anglo-American Acquisitions Division

Michael Albin, Cindy Hileman, Peter Stark, Ed Malone, Jr.

Area Studies Office

Carolyn Brown, Lavonda Broadnax, Prosser Gifford, Chris Wright

Asian Division

Phil Melzer

'Stop hate' by Alex Steinweiss
Example from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

Automation, Planning and Liaison Office

Sue Hayduchok, Bob Ralls, Maurice Lauher, Joseph Young

Conservation Office

Rikki Condon, Andrew Robb

Copyright Office

Joanna Roussis, Ruth Sievers, Debby Weinstein, and the Copyright Office cataloging staff

European Division

Grant Harris

Federal Research Division

Robert Worden, Jane Garten, Rex Hudson

Geography and Map

John Hébert, Jim Flatness

'Patriotism starts at home' by Steven Dana
Example from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

Hispanic Division

Everett Larson, Ieda S. Wiarda

Humanities and Social Sciences

Cassy Ammen

Information Technology Services

Lynn Brooks, Dominic Sergi, Ronnie Hawkins, Karl Rogers, Jade Curtis, Pat Raison, Lloyd Carter

Library Services

Dottie Denchy, Sharon Cunningham

Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division

Mike Mashon, Norman Mears

Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Elizabeth Miller, Julie Mangin, Moryma Aydelott, Cheryl Graunke, Glenn Gardner

'9.11.01 New York City' by Andrew Arroyo
Example from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

Office of General Counsel

Michael Hughes, Emily Vartanian

Overseas Operations Field Offices

Judy McDermott, James N. Gentner, Lygia Ballantyne (New Dehli), Laila Mulgaokar (Cairo), Pamela Howard-Reguindin (Rio de Janiero), James Armstrong (Islamabad), William Tuchrello (Jakarta), Paul Steere (Nairobi)

Prints and Photographs Division

Jeremy Adamson, Harry L. Katz, Arden Alexander, Maricia Battle, Katherine L. Blood, Beverly W. Brannan, Brett Carnell, Karen Chittenden, Donna L. Collins, Verna P. Curtis, Emily Dittman, Sara W. Duke, Mary Ison, Carol M. Johnson, Martha Kennedy, Gregory Marcangelo, Sharon Ann McCarthy, Phil Michel, Elena G. Millie, Anne S. Mitchell, Mary Goss Mundy, C. Ford Peatross, Woody Woodis, Helena Zinkham

Public Affairs

Jill Brett, Craig D'Ooge, Helen Dalrymple, Audrey Fischer, Gail Fineberg, Deborah Durham-Vichr

'Nothing feels safe anymore' by Daniel DiGia
Example from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

Public Service Collections Division

Sharon Schurtter, Laura Gottesman

Rare Book and Special Collections Division

Daniel De Simone

Regional Cooperative Cataloging Division

Ruhul Ameen Yousufzai

Serial and Government Publications Division

Georgia Higley, Mark Sweeney, Gene Berry, Tracey Barton

Serial Record Division

Shantha S. Murthy

Film Makers

The Library received a variety of moving image material relating to September 11, 2001, starting in the immediate aftermath of the event. Included among these were amateur footage shot that day and later, and documentary films made in response to the attack. The curators in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division are continuing to contact film makers whose works might not be acquired through copyright deposit.

  • World Trade Center Attack. Courtesy Chris Hopewell + Carol Wells, Eyefull Inc.
  • World Trade Center Collapses From Below. Courtesy Evan Fairbanks
  • 9.11. Courtesy Kerry Reardon
  • The Morning of September Eleventh. Courtesy Darcy Dennett
  • Hospital at Ground Zero. Courtesy Nina Rosenblum
  • 71 W. Broadway. Courtesy Beverly Peterson
  • September Eleventh: Eyewitnesses. Courtesy Pola Rapaport
  • Tribute 9.11. Courtesy Monica Sharf

Exhibition and Borchure Design

Jim Symons and Sheila Harrington, Studio Five, Washington, DC

[Cupped hands] by Kellie Murphy

'Our grief is not a cry for war' by Jim Constanzo
Examples from the Exit Art Gallery Collection

The Library of Congress gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and groups for their support and generosity:

Lynne Allen, Rutgers Center for Innovative Prints and Paper; John Biewen, Emily Thompson, American RadioWorks, the Documentary Project of Minnesota Public Radio and NPR News; Bolivar Arellano; Tony Auth; Kevin Brubriski; Virginia State Trooper Rick Cable; Kitty Caparella; Kathy Caraccio, Kathy Caraccio Printing Studio; Joan R. Challinor; Deborah Cullen, El Museo del Barrio; Jeff Danziger; Rob Doughty, Burger King Brands, Inc.; Elana Hadler, Tom Rankin, Courtney Reid-Eaton, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University; Creative Time; Paul Levitz, Jenette Kahn, Jay Kogan, Leon Avelino, DC Comics; Jérôme De Perlinghi; Will and Peter Eisner;, Dave Hammond, C.E.; Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo, Bibi Marti, Exit Art; David Finn, Ruder-Finn; Cathy Frankel, National Building Museum; Jenny Freestone; Susan Goldman, Pyramid Atlantic; Linda Gottesman, Filmakers Library; Mark Gormus, Richmond Times-Dispatch; Vardit Gross, Creative Time; Donnie and Diana Harper, Reliable Carriers, Inc.; Carol Highsmith, Robert Ivy, Architectural Record; Warren Jennings, Metal Management Northeast; Gary Kadow Kevin Kallaugher; Maira Kalman; Chief Fire Marshall Kelly, Arlington Fire Department; Vijay Kumar, Manhattan Graphics Center; Peter Kuper; Holly Lambert; Mike LeTourneau, AP Wide World Photos; A. David Lewis; Jeff Linton, iPHOTOART; Trudi Ludwig, Washington Printmakers Gallery; Matthew Martin, P.I.O., Arlington Police Department; Tom and Katherine Martin; Reza Marvashti, The Free Lance Star; Jeff Mason, Alternative Comics; Metals Management Northeast, Inc.; Max Protetch and Stuart Krimko, Max Protetch Gallery, New York; Ariel Meyerowitz; Joel Meyerowitz; Rick Meyerowitz; Sangjib Min, The Daily Press; Gabriela Mirensky, American Institute of Graphic Art; Dylan Moore, The Daily Journal; Kevin Morley, Richmond-Times Dispatch; Pocho Morro and Insight Studios Group; Denise Mullen, Georgia Deal, Denise O'Neal, Camille DiMarco, Corcoran School of Art and Design; Victoria Newhouse, Architectural History Foundation; Fred Nelson, P.E., Gervasio & Associates, Inc.; Elise Nicol; Brian Niemann, Griffith Phillips Creative; Melissa Nimmerrichter and Allison Ross, JJT, Inc.; Ron Ray, Kather Janus Kaun, Teresa B. Lachin, Rockville Arts Place; Charles Saunders, Richmond Times-Dispatch; Mike Seeley; Karen Simon; Lanny Sommese; Suzanne Stephens; Rachael Stevens, Creative Time; Lt. W. Stout, Defense Protective Service, the Pentagon; Ann Telnaes; Helga Thomson; Gary Trudeau; Alexander von Vegesack, Vitra Design Museum; Camilo José Vergara; Harry E. Walker, Knight Ridder/Tribune Photo Service; Dana Williams, Arlington Fire Department; Captain George Williams, Arlington Fire Department, Helen Zughaib

All of the folklorists, ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, oral historians, and other collectors who most generously volunteered their time and effort to document their communities' reactions. And a special thanks to all those who willingly shared their personal experiences and thoughts about September 11.

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