In the field of posters and related graphic design, a variety of New York artists produced works intended to boost spirits and heal emotions in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack. For a collaborative project entitled "Time to Consider: The Arts Respond to 9/11," poets, architects, artists, and designers submitted one hundred designs. Four were finally selected for printing and were distributed all over the city. In addition, five compelling 9/11-related poster designs in the annual springtime Communications Graphics Show, sponsored by the American Institute of Graphic Art, entered the Library's collections as gifts.

In late October 2001, a series of ten, full-page photo essays were published in USA Today entitled "Courageous Americans." Sponsored by the Burger King Corporation, they featured stark, black and white portraits of rescue personnel taken by famed New York photographer Richard Avedon, along with short descriptions of their personal courage. Burger King Corporation donated a unique set of photo essays, printed as a suite of posters especially for the Library.

Brian Niemann, "In Memory" 9/11/01, 2002. Color offset lithograph. Gift of Griffith Phillips Creative. Prints and Photographs Division (143)

Alex Spektor, The Sun, 2002. Color offset poster. Gift of Bolivar Arellano Gallery. Prints and Photographs Division (144)

Eric Liftin, Contribute a Memory. Offset Poster. Prints and Photographs Division (97)

Richard Avedon. Michael Hingson and Roselle, 2001. Offset poster. Gift of Burger King Corporation. Prints and Photographs Division (98)

Karen Simon. Rise Above, September 18, 2001. Offset lithograph. Gift of the artist. Prints and Photographs Division (242) LC-DIG-ppmsca-02124

Nebojsa Seric Shoba. Remote Control, 2000, 2001. Color photo offset poster. Gift of Creative Time, Inc., New York. Prints and Photographs Division (188)

Lanny Sommese. No!, 2001. Plotterprint. Gift of the artist. Prints and Photographs Division (212)