Refugees on levee, April 17, 1897, photo by Carroll's Art Gallery

The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture, edited by Debra Newman Ham, is part of a series of Library of Congress Resource Guides. It is available at the Library of Congress Sales Shop and by mail from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O Box 371954, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-7954, Fax 202-512-2250. The price is $24.00. Please cite stock number S/N 030-000-00254-7 when ordering.

Staff for the Exhibition

  • Irene U. Burnham, Interpretive Programs Director
  • Martha E. Hopkins, Exhibit Coordinator
  • Gene Roberts, Program Specialist
  • Carroll Johnson, Program Specialist
  • Debra Newman Ham, Advisor
  • J.R. Saunders, Designer
  • Tambra Johnson, Registrar
  • Dr. Andrew J. Cosentino, Editorial Support
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Production: Tony Baptiste; Stephen Bostwick, Kendall Christian, Kim Curry, Christopher O'Connor, and Craig Pittman
  • Administrative Support: Denise Agee and Gwynn Wilhelm

Staff for Online Exhibit

  • Interpretive Programs Office: Irene Burnham, Director
  • Gene Roberts, Program Specialist
  • Ileen Sheppard-Gallagher, Traveling Exhibits Coordinator
  • Jennifer Bride, Exhibit Assistant
  • Information Technology Services: Herbert Becker, Director; Lynn Brooks, Lou Pizzoli, James Stevens, William Hamilton.
  • Online exhibit updated by Theron M. Taylor, June, 1997.


Special thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff: Tom Albro and Margaret Brown, Conservation; Ronald Grim, Geography and Map Division; Sandra Ferrell, Fred Harrison, Peggy Pixley, and Sheryle Shears, Integrated Support Systems; Marvin Kranz, Mary Wolfskill, and the reference staff, Manuscript Division; David Parker and Brian Taves, Motion Picture, Broadcast, and Recorded Sound Division; Beverly Brannan, Mary Ison, Carol Johnson, Barbara Natanson, and the reading room staff, Prints and Photographs Division; Marita Clance, Photoduplication Service; Anthony Edwards, Clark Evans, Chuck Kelly, and Rob Shields, Rare Book and Special Collections Division.

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