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Selected tunes from Bird Fancyer’s Delight

Performers: Laurence Trott

Selection from For the Birds. Buffalo: New York: Fleur de Son Classics, Ltd, 2001. Courtesy of Fleur de Son Classics.

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“Sonata quarta per canto e b. c.” (1664), by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer

Performers: Ensemble Caprice

Listen to the Ensemble Caprice as they perform the elegant “Sonata quarta per canto e b. c.” (1664). The ensemble includes two recorders and baroque flute players as well as musicians on harpsicord, an early keyboard instrument, and viola da gamba, a type of bowed and fretted stringed instrument popular during the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Selection from Arlecchino—Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonate e Baletti. Austria: Bella Musica Edition, 1999. Courtesy of Amanda Pond