This exhibition was developed under the leadership of James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress.

The exhibition and related programs have been made possible by the generous support of Hitachi, Ltd., the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C., the Japan Foundation, the Terasaki Foundation Laboratory, and Dr. and Mrs. Takahiro Shiota.

Staff for the Exhibition

  • William Jacobs, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Carroll Johnson-Welsh, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Mari Nakahara, Co-Curator, Asian Division
  • Katherine Blood, Co-Curator, Prints and Photographs Division
  • Karen Werth, Production Officer, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Christopher O’Connor, Senior Exhibition Specialist, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Rachel Waldron, Registrar, Interpretive Programs Office

Interpretive Programs Office Staff

Denise Agee, Kimberli Curry, Vicki Fortuno, Martha Hopkins, Cynthia Wayne, Tambra Johnson Reap, Susan Mordan-White, Betsy Nahum-Miller, Cheryl Regan, Marc Roman, Patrick Shepler and Jarrett Zeman, intern

Special thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff for their assistance with this exhibition:

Roberta I. Shaffer, Library Services; Jeremy Adamson, Collections and Services; Victoria Hill, Eiichi Ito, Kiyoyo Pipher, Anchi Hoh, and Chandell Butler, Asian Division; Helena Zinkham, Verna Curtis, Sara Duke, Thadas Jeffers, Martha Kennedy, Carol Johnson, Phil Michel, and Woody Woodis, Prints and Photographs Division; Kaare Chaffee, Sylvia Albro, Gwenanne Edwards, Dana Hemmenway, Cyntia Karnes, Lynn Kidder, Holly Krueger, and Jamie Schmeits, Conservation Division; Robert Patrick, Veterans History Project; Dorothy Gholston, Printing Management Section; Stanley Bandong, Graphic Arts Services Unit; Jim Karamanis, Thip Padavong, Rohit Gupta, Laura Moiseev, Chun Yi, and Qun Lai, Web Services; Domenic Sergi, Andrew Cook, and Jade Curtis, ITS Digital Scan Center; Donna Urschel, Abby Brack, and John Sayers, Public Affairs Office.

The Library wishes to express gratitude to the following organizations and individuals for their assistance and expertise:

Embassy of Japan; the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken); the National Agricultural Library; the U.S.-Japan Council; Mrs. Seisaku Funatsu, Manae Fujishiro, Keiichi Higuchi, Lawrence Marceau, Franklin Odo, Makoto Suzuki, and Peter Young.

Exhibition and Brochure Design

Alan Knezevich Design Associates

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