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Churchill and the Great Republic
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Image: Winston Churchill
Core Exhibition Team
Irene Chambers, Chief
Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director
Daun van Ee, Curator, Historical Specialist, Manuscript Division, Library of
Allen Packwood, Co-curator, Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, U.K.

Interpretive Programs Office
Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
Christopher O'Connor, Lead Production Specialist
Betsy Nahum-Miller, Online Exhibition Coordinator
Tambra Johnson, Registrar

Giulia Adelfio, Denise Agee, Tracey Avant, Margaret Brown, Seth deMatties, Carroll Johnson, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Antonio La Greca, Susan Mordan, Cheryl Regan, and Pamela Steele

Special Thanks
Special thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff for their assistance with the exhibition:

James Hutson, Marvin Kranz, and Josephus Nelson, Manuscript Division
Jeremy Adamson, Sara Duke, Beverly Brannan, Karen Chittenden, Gay
Colyer, Kristi Finefield, Martha Kennedy, Greg Marcangelo, Cheryl McCullers, Elena Millie, and Woody Woodis, Prints and Photographs Division
Mark Dimunation and Clark Evans, Rare Book and Special Collections Division
John Hebert, Ronald Grim and Pam van Ee, Geography and Map Division
Deanna Marcum, Library Services
Charles Stanhope and Sue Siegel, Development Office
Ralph Eubanks and Aimee Hess, Publishing Office
Rikki Condon, Elmer Eusman, Betsy Haude, Andrew Robb, Conservation Office
Kim Moden, Elsa Keshishian-Roth, and Wanda Cart wright, Special Events
Jill Brett, Helen Dalrymple, and John Sayers, Public Affairs Office
Lynn Brooks, Domenic Sergi, Ronnie Hawkins, Lisa Cope, Glen Krankowski, Christopher Pohlhaus, and Karl Rogers, Information Technology Services
Julianne Mangin and Elizabeth Miller, Network Development and MARC
Standards Office
Stanley Bandong, Graphics Service Unit
Onnetta Benoit, Printing Management Section
Jim Higgins, Photoduplication Services
Christopher W. Hansen, Office of Contracts and Logistics
Bob Palian, Joe Young, Aaron Ball, and Bob Ralls, Automation Planning and Liaison Office

The physical exhibition, on which this interactive and on-line presentation is based, was organized by the Library of Congress in cooperation with the Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, U.K.

The Library wishes to express gratitude to the following individuals for their assistance and expertise:

Sir Martin Gilbert, Warren Kimball, David Reynolds, David Stafford, Carlo D'Este, Richard Immerman, Klaus Larres, the staff of the Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, the Master, Fellows and Scholars of Churchill College, Cambridge, the Trustees of the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust, Dalena Wright, Irwin and Cita Stelzer, Stephen and Judith Peck, Julian Gee, Mark and Deborah Brezina, the Washington Area Alumni Committee of Churchill College, Cambridge, The Lady Soames DBE, Winston S.Churchill Esq, Senator John Warner, Minnie Churchill, Curtis Brown Ltd, The National Trust, Chartwell, the British Embassy and British Council, Washington D.C., HMSO/The British Crown.

Exhibition and Brochure Design
Riggs Ward Design

Web Site Design
Terra Incognita Productions
Mark Baltzegar, Paco Link, Angie Marable, Bart Marable, Jayson Singe

Media Research
Sam Serafy

Keator Services and Contracting, Inc.


This exhibition and its programming were made possible by the generous support of JOHN W. KLUGE.

Additional support was provided by the Annenberg Foundation.

The accompanying publication and symposia were made possible by and produced in association with The Churchill Centre, Washington, D.C.

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