Churchill and the Great Republic

This exhibition examines the life and career of Winston Spencer Churchill and emphasizes his lifelong links with the United States—the nation he called “the great Republic.” The exhibition comes nearly forty years after the death of Winston Churchill and sixty years after the D-Day allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France during World War II. It commemorates both of these events.

On April 17, 1945, British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill addressed the House of Commons on the occasion of President Franklin Roosevelt's death. He said of his friend and ally: “In war he had raised the strength, might and glory of the great Republic to a height never attained by any nation in history.”

   Photograph above: The Prime Minister's Return Journey Across the Atlantic,
   August, 1941. Copyprint. Prints and Photographs Division (127)

This exhibition and its programming were made possible by the generous support of John W. Kluge.

Additional support was provided by the Annenberg Foundation. The accompanying publication and symposia were made possible by and produced in association with The Churchill Centre, Washington, D.C.

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