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For Younger Readers

  • Catrow, David. We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the U. S. New York: Penguin Books, 2002.
  • Donlan, Leni. Benjamin Franklin: A Life Well Lived. Chicago: Raintree, 2007.
  • ———. George Washington: Revolution and the New Nation. Chicago: Raintree, 2006.
  • Fink, Sam. The Constitution of the United States of America. New York: Random House, 1987.
  • Harness, Cheryl. The Revolutionary John Adams. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2003.
  • Quiri, Patricia Ryon. The Bill of Rights. New York: Children’s Press, 1998.
  • ———. The Declaration of Independence. New York: Children’s Press, 1998.

Teacher Institutes

A cooperative endeavor between the Interpretive Programs Office and the Office of Strategic Initiatives, this institute invites educators from across the country to learn about America’s founding documents—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights—based on the Library’s primary and web based materials. Participants will leave with strategies and materials they can use in their schools. The institute uses the Library's exhibition Creating the United States as its foundation.


  • Thursday, September 9, 2010; 4 pm–7 pm (open house)
  • Friday, September 10, 2010; 8:30 am–4 pm
  • Saturday, September 11, 2010; 8:30 am–4 pm
  • Monday, September 13, 2010; 8:30 am–4 pm

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