Exhibit Staff

Saxon State Library Curators

  • Dr. Manfred Mühlner
  • Katrin Nitzschke
  • Valentin Weber

Library of Congress Curators

  • Margrit Krewson, German-Dutch Specialist
  • Irene U. Burnham, Interpretive Programs Officer

Library of Congress Interpretive Programs Staff

Gene Roberts, Exhibit Coordinator; Denise Agee, Andrew Cosentino, Debrorah Durbeck, Tom Ferrara, Carroll Johnson, Tambra Johnson, Christopher O'Connor, Gwynn Wilhelm

Library of Congress European Division Staff

Ronald Bachman, Lisa Hisel, David Krause, Ursula Lange (visiting scholar)

Online Version of the Exhibit

  • Gene Roberts, Interpretive Programs
  • Lynn Ellis Brooks, Information Technology Services
  • Nancy De Sa, Collections Services

Other Library of Congress Staff

  • Jill Brett, Kathleen Cassedy, Craig D'Ooge, and Guy Lamolinara, Public Affairs
  • Prosser Gifford, Scholarly Programs
  • Matthew Caulfield, Special Materials Cataloging
  • William Parsons, Music Division
  • Linda Washington, Gary Capriotti, King Lee, and Jon Netherton, Integrated Support Services
  • Kim Moden and Nancy Mitchell, Special Events and Public Programs
  • Ralph Eubanks, Publishing Office
  • Charles Stanhope, Assistant to the Associate Librarian
  • Terri Sierra, Visitors Services
  • Tom Albro, Rikki Condon and staff, Conservation Office

Funding for This Exhibit

This exhibition was funded through the generous support of:

  • Dresden Hilton Hotel
  • Prince zur Lippe - Weingut Schloss Proschwitz
  • Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany
  • Kulturstiftung Dresden der Dresdner Bank (Dresden Cultural Foundation of the Dresdner Bank
  • Gesellschaft der Freunde and Föderer der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek (Friends of the Saxon State Library)
  • Saxon State Government
  • Federal Republic of Germany

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