Photographic Views

Aerial view looking east of Neustadt (left) and Altstadt (right) Dresden, 1932

View from the Marien Bridge looking towards the Augustus Bridge and the Frauenkirche, 1930

View of Altstadt Dresden, upstream of the Carola Bridge, 1938

View looking north from the City Hall tower, 1937

Frauenkirche and New Market square, 1930

Inside the Frauenkirche looking from the balcony level towards the organ pipes, altar, and pulpit, 1933

View from the Brühler Castle tower of the Frauenkirche, 1945

View from the Georgen Gate showing the ruins of the Frauenkirche and surrounding buildings, summer 1947

View of Dresden's Neumarkt and the Frauenkirche, August 1949

Aerial view of Zwinger Palace, 1933

Aerial view of Zwinger Palace and the Theater Plaza (above), 1943

The Zwinger Palace with the Crown Gate, long gallery, and Salon of Mathematics and Physics, summer 1967

Zwinger Palace Crown Gate, 1967

The Japanese Palace, 1929

Covered bridge from the Castle to the Court Church, 1938

Castle stables and jousting court, 1979

Central Theater on Waisenhaus Street, Dresden, 1942