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Benjamin Franklin Selected Chronology

  • 1706 Born in Boston on January 17
  • 1718 Apprenticed as a printer to brother James
  • 1723 Leaves Boston for Philadelphia
  • 1729 Acquires Philadelphia newspaper, Pennsylvania Gazette; son William born
  • 1730 Marries Deborah Read
  • 1731 Founds Library Company of Philadelphia, first subscription library
  • 1732 Publishes first issue of Poor Richard's Almanack; son Francis is born
  • 1736 Organizes Philadelphia's first volunteer fire company; Francis dies
  • 1743 Daughter Sarah is born
  • 1744 Markets Franklin fireplace or "stove"
  • 1750 Helps establish the Academy of Philadelphia, later the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1751 Elected to Pennsylvania Assembly
  • 1752 Pennsylvania Hospital opens with Franklin's support
  • 1753 Appointed deputy British postmaster of North America
  • 1757 Goes to London as agent of the Pennsylvania Assembly
  • 1762 Returns to Philadelphia; son William is appointed Royal Governor of New Jersey
  • 1764 Goes to London with petition for Royal Government for Pennsylvania
  • 1766 Supports repeal of Stamp Act before the British House of Commons
  • 1774 Denounced by British government and dismissed as postmaster; Deborah Franklin dies
  • 1775 Returns to Philadelphia; elected delegate to Second Continental Congress; drafts Articles of Confederation for the United States
  • 1776 Helps write Declaration of Independence; sails to France as United States minister
  • 1778 Signs treaties of alliance and friendship with France
  • 1782 Helps negotiate Treaty of Paris with Great Britain to end American Revolution
  • 1784 Invents bifocals
  • 1785 Returns to Philadelphia; chosen president of Pennsylvania
  • 1787 Serves as delegate to Federal Constitutional Convention
  • 1790 Petitions Congress for end to slavery; dies on April 17

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