Herblock Looks at: 1974 | 1973 | 1972 | 1970 | 1969 | 1968 | 1967 | 1966 | 1965 | 1964 | 1963 | 1962 | 1961 | Communism

Politically independent and a champion of the little guy, Herbert L. Block (1909–2001)—better known as “Herblock”—spared no one from the wrath of his art. His pointed commentaries offer an opportunity to reflect on history and culture—how much has changed and what remains the same. The Herblock Gallery's selection of ten cartoons—with new drawings every six months—provides the visitor an ongoing opportunity to learn more about this Pulitzer award winning artist and to appreciate the Library's extensive Herbert L. Block Collections.

The Herb Block Foundation provided funding for the Herblock Gallery to enable visitors to continue to experience and enjoy the breadth and richness of this expansive collection.