Virginia F. Higgins: Traveling Nurse

Captain Virginia F. Higgins led a fascinating life during World War II as shown in her albums displayed in this exhibit. Higgins was already a registered nurse before World War II broke out and decided to apply her nursing skills in the war effort. She traveled to Italy, Germany, Africa, and many other locales. On June 29, 1948, the Army honored her with the title of captain for her indispensable services. Claribel Regimbal, the niece of Virginia F. Higgins, received all of her aunt's photographs and albums after her aunt's death. She decided to donate her collection to the Veterans History Project.

[Appointment to Captain], June 29, 1948. Manuscript. Virginia F. Higgins Collection, Veterans History Project, Library of Congress (75)

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Plan of the Day

This "plan of the day" memorandum details the general schedule for the aircraft carrier the USS Langley, flights on and off the carrier, and other aspects of life aboard ship. The USS Langley's function was to "soften up" the battle site for ground assault troops. Reuben Brinton, Signalman 2nd Class, saw action with the USS Langley in the battles for the Philippines, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa under the command of Admiral William "Bull" Halsey. Reuben Brinton was interviewed and videotaped at the Nashville Public Library, and he donated his collection to the Veterans History Project.

"USS Langley: Plan of the Day for Friday, February 16, 1945." Military papers. Reuben Brinton Collection, Veterans History Project, Library of Congress (73)

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Horace Stafford: Victory Air Flight

Staff Sergeant Horace Stafford, who served in the Army Air Force Medical Department during World War II, was stationed at the Eighth Air Force Headquarters in Pinetree, England. The Victory Air Flight manuscript shown here highlights places that Allies bombed during World War II. Stafford followed this manuscript as he flew over several bombed European cities on May 1, 1945. Horace Stafford donated the collection.

"Victory Air Flight," May 1, 1945. Manuscript. Horace Stafford Collection, Veterans History Project, Library of Congress (74)

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Price of Admission

Corporal James Price served in the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force during the Vietnam War and participated in numerous operations against the Viet Cong. While in Vietnam, Price carried a military ration card provided by the U.S. Military Assistance Command. One side of the card displayed his company's insignia while the other side, shown here, informed him where he could receive rationed items such as tobacco, alcohol, cameras, radios, and projectors. Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana donated this collection along with more than 1600 other veterans' stories.

"Ration Card," ca. 1969. Page 2. James Price Collection, Veterans History Project, Library of Congress (77)

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William Frederick Nice: Nice to Both French and Americans

Second Lieutenant William Frederick Nice was a marine gunner and platoon leader during World War I. Nice received illustrated certificates for his military service from the French and American governments, including the Croix de Guerre, the War Service Certificate of the United States Marine Corps, and the Citation a L'Ordre de L'Armee. He also received a dramatic poster depicting Columbia as a woman, symbolizing freedom, knighting a soldier. This poster recognized his service as well as the injuries he suffered. Nice's chart, Chemical Warfare Agents, for detecting and treating exposure to harmful gas is also displayed. When a close friend of William F. Nice died, his house was cleared out and someone gave Rosemarie DeNicola the Nice collection found there. She thought of the Veterans History Project and knew this was "the right place to send it."

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