This presentation was developed under the leadership of James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress.

Exhibition Team

  • Willliam Jacobs, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Betsy Nahum-Miller, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Alan Gevinson, Exhibition Curator
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Tambra Johnson, Registrar, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Samuel Brylawski, Advisor, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Sam Serafy, Media Research
  • Blair-Dubilier & Associates, Interactive Media and Media Production

Interpretive Programs Office

Denise Agee, Krista Butler, Seth de Matties, Vicki Fortuno, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson-Welsh, Antonio LaGreca, Susan Mordan-White, Chris O’Connor, Cheryl Regan, Patrick Shepler, Rachel Waldron, and Cynthia Wayne

Other Library of Congress Staff

Deanna Marcum, Library Services; Patrick Loughney, Mike Mashon, Eugene DeAnna, Bryan Cornell, Karen Fishman, Rebecca Jones, Marsha Maguire, Janet McKee, Zoran Sinobad, Brian Taves, and George Willeman, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division; Sara Duke, Janice Grenci, and Martha Kennedy, Prints and Photographs Division; Barbara Bair, Alice Birney, Laura J. Kells, and Daun van Ee, Manuscript Division; Clark Evans, Rare Book and Special Collections Division; Raymond White, Elizabeth Aldrich, Larry Appelbaum, Mark Eden Horowitz, Robin Rausch, and Walter Zvonchenko; Music Division; Todd Harvey, American Folklife Center; Lisa Moberg, Conservation Division; Jim Karamanis, Thip Padavong, Rohit Gupta, Laura Moiseev, Umesh Kant, Qun Lai, Dan Trachtman, Laurent Teyssere, Web Services; Giulia Adelfio, Visitor Services Office; Paul Mozzocci, Special Events Office; Sheryl Cannady and Matt Raymond, Public Affairs Office; Emily Vartanian, Office of the General Counsel; Suzanne Hogan, Office of the Librarian; Sue Siegel, Development Office; Stanley Bandong, Graphics Service Unit; Dorothy Gholston, Printing Management Section; Domenic Sergi, Andrew Cook, and Jade Curtis, Digital Scan Center

Exhibition and Brochure Design

Studio Five

Scholarly Advice and Assistance

Paul Brownstein, Kathleen Condon, Victoria Geduld, Lucy Long, Rick Luftglass, Jan Morrill, Jack Santino, and Anton Schwartz.

Special Thanks

The Library of Congress gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Bob and Dolores Hope and their family to the realization of the Bob Hope Gallery of American Entertainment and this exhibition. The Hope family made this gallery possible through their generous donation of the Bob Hope Collection, funds to realize the installation, and through the establishment of an endowment that will provide continuing support for the Bob Hope Gallery of American Entertainment.

The Library extends particular thanks to Linda Hope and the staff of the Hope Legacy who gave of their time and talent unstintingly during the development of the gallery.

The Library also expresses gratitude to Stephen Colbert for his contribution to this exhibition.